Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal provides a uniform energy beam with two different wavelengths that cater best to black and red ink. (1064nm & 532 nm)   Laser tattoo removal ensures efficient removal with no fear of negative side effects. Here’s why we’re the ultimate choice for your tattoo removal journey:

  • Effortless Erasure: Say goodbye to tattoo remnants with ease. Our laser breaks down ink particles, allowing your body’s natural immune system to safely absorb them, delivering impressive results with each session.
  • Gentle Precision: Experience removal with peace of mind. The OlmiRev Nd:YAG’s uniform energy beam ensures even dispersion, minimizing the risk of injury, infection, or scarring for a smoother, safer process.
  • Tailored Technology: No tattoo is too stubborn for us. With two wavelengths catering to black and red ink, our machine tackles even the toughest tattoos, ensuring comprehensive removal tailored to your needs.

Embrace the freedom of a clean canvas with Laser by Nicole. Let’s reverse the clock together—book your appointment today!