Welcome to the LBN family!!!

We are coming up quick to the two year anniversary of the company and I finally decided to sit down and start a blog, in order to give all of you a little background of where we came from and why we decided to start this business.

My husband and I have been together for almost 9 years. We have a blended family, each bringing a daughter to the bunch, including 3 little boys of our own. Sometimes you may occasionally hear them in the background when booking an appointment.

Before starting Laser by Nicole, I worked for two other companies and was getting sick of being over worked and under appreciated. To make a very long story short, we threw all of our eggs in one basket purchased our first laser at the end of May 2015, and opened up shop June 1st in Weston, FL.

In the beginning, I remember taking calls during treatments. The clients let me get away with so much because I really had no idea how to be a business owner. I worked early mornings and late nights to make sure every client was 100% satisfied. I booked appointments, rescheduled appointments, did the treatments and put my heart & soul, basically everything inside of me to make this company what it is today.

So fast forward, we have been blessed enough to open a 2nd location in Fort Lauderdale to cater to the northeast. We added 4 additional technicians to the team and we are about 3,000 clients strong. I couldn’t feel more blessed then I do today and couldn’t be more ecstatic for the future!

I can’t wait to help every single person I can with excessive hair growth at a fraction of the price of these big name companies.

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