• Fort Lauderdale

Contrary to what many might think, Judith “Juju” Dupin was not always the “dolled up” girl.  She wore makeup occasionally, but nothing like what a glam squad could do.  From an early age, Juju was always interested in beauty.

It wasn’t until one day when she was shopping that a woman walked up to her and complimented her makeup. In that moment, Juju knew this was more than just a trip to the mall, it was the day she realized beauty is something she was actually passionate about. Juju couldn’t believe that this woman thought her makeup was professionally done, when it was, in fact, all Juju.

From that moment on, Juju focused on the beauty industry, she knew others who were turning their passion into a career, so why not her? Indulging in her curiosity, exploring the seemingly endless world of makeup, beauty treatments, and skincare, she instantly became fascinated with Russian Volume Lashes. Juju made the next logical step and pursued her eyelash certification and created Lashed by Juju.

When asked about her journey, Juju replies, “I enjoy what I do, and I as I’m becoming busier in my daily pursuits, I can really appreciate the time I save from having my lashes done.  And, I love being able to do the same for other women.”