• Fort Lauderdale

Brooke remembers the exact moment she first fell in love with beauty. She was around 8 and had received a child’s makeup kit for the holidays and her life was changed. Never thinking this could be a career, Brooke didn’t even entertain the idea. Fast forward to college years when she realized traditional schooling/college wasn’t for her. Brooke figured out she learned best hands-on and of course, being interested in the topic helped too.

After a lot of debating, Brooke applied for skincare/esthetician school and never looked back. She says, “Being in love with what you do makes such a big impact on your life and happiness.” and Brooke truly loves helping and educating clients on issues they deem as a flaw when it comes to skincare and laser. Hopefully, her love for this field and helping others feel more confident in their own skin shows when you meet her.

Brooke has experience with a plethora of skincare lines, so she is well versed in product knowledge and ingredients. She prides herself in always trying her best to make her clients feel comfortable and confident in the treatments. The relationships that she’s built with clients is very special and important to her. The beauty industry is constantly changing its important to stay current and up to date in this field. Brooke admits her goal as an Esthetician and Laser Tech is to “make you feel better about yourself!”