Jen Trauben, LE, CCE, CME

It’s no secret the beauty industry is constantly evolving with new treatments and technologies that are designed to help us enhance the beauty within us all. Which is why Jen Trauben, LE, CCE, CME has maintained a fascination with the industry and continuous love of the glamour that is skin care. Ultimately Jen wanted to be a part of an ever-growing field that can expand her medical knowledge and expertise.

Obtaining her associates in ultrasound technology, Jen knew she wanted more for her and wanted to be able to give back as well. Knowing first had how much of a challenge going back to school as an adult can be, she made it her mission to help others in the same situation achieve their goals and not let distractions keep them from succeeding. Jen is not only a certified Medical Electrologist, but she is also a certified instructor for electrolysis and laser hair removal.

As a woman in the beauty industry, Jen strives to help other women reach and realize their career goals. Her goal is to help both women and men feel their best about their skin! To begin the journey to confidence and personal growth, Jen simply asks her clients to remember to “do 1 thing for yourself daily…but get laser monthly”! 😉